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Yay! May 22, 2008

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My Prediction May 21, 2008

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David Cook for the win. 

While he’s been my favorite contestant, I almost hope that he doesn’t win. 



Bye, Bye Brooke May 1, 2008

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I believe it was the cheesy Laurie Berkner* style performance of I’m a Believer that was her downfall. My five year old daughter loved it, I’m sure most five year old girls loved it. Personally, I thought it was painful to watch. She was an early favorite of mine but I thought she really hasn’t performed well for the past several weeks.

I am shocked that Jason Castro has managed to elude the bottom two again. I love him but I will admit that last night he was not good, not good at all. He must have a huge fanbase of very, very mellow people out there. I didn’t figure stoners would have the ambition to pickup the phone for anything other than ordering pizza.

*Credit to Matt for the Laurie Berkner reference