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The Revenge of the Dragonfly (or Damselfly) August 15, 2008

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First, we learned that I had been given some false information on whether or not Dragonflies have legs. Then I become even more confused when bug sculptures and damselflies got thrown into the mix. Now I fear I’ve made some enemies in the dragonfly community and they will not rest until I pay for my ignorance. Well it’s either that or I’m incredibly clumsy. I will let you, my intelligent and good looking readers, decide.

My mom, Carson, and myself met my Aunt Nancy up in Geneva with plans to bike the path along the river. It was a beautiful day, not too hot with a nice breeze. We headed north from the Fabyan Forest Preserve. The bike path is curvy and it weaves in and out of the woods and runs right along the Fox River. About 2 miles up the path I hear a buzz near my ear and see a large dragonfly by my head. I feel it hit my hair and I assume fly away. About a minute later I hear an even louder buzz and realize that the damn bug is stuck in my hair. The logical thing to do would be to lightly apply my brakes, get of of the bike and remove the bug from my hair. I choose a different tactic. I freaked the hell out and started swatting at my head while still biking fairly quickly down the path. When I realized the swatting wasn’t helping I slammed on my brakes. This caused me to fly from the bike and land hard on the ground. No permanent damage to me, a few bruises, sore shoulder and a cut or two but I will be just fine. My bike did not fair as well. It’s alignment is wonky now and I broke some plastic near the gear shifter dial and I broke of a reflector.

After the crash we biked back to the car so that I could rest for a while. My mom and Aunt rode some more while Carson and I took a tour of the windmill at the forest preserve. We took the tour right as they were beginning operation of the mill for the day and it was really interesting to see how an old mill operates and all the work that goes into catching the wind properly. All of my life I thought a windmill turned or it didn’t, I didn’t know that they have brakes and could be turned to maximize the potential. Since we were planning on biking the whole day I didn’t bring my camera along. While I’m sorry that I missed some good photo ops, I am glad it wasn’t on me when I crashed the bike.

After the tour I was feeling stronger and we biked with my mom and Aunt 1.8 more miles down to an art fair in Batavia. They had a bike check where we were able to leave our bike in a secured area while we wandered around the fair. The art fair featured a lot of the same artists as the show went to in Genvea a few weeks ago. I enjoyed looking around, especially at the photographer’s works, but there wasn’t much in my price range at all. My price range is from very, very cheap to very cheap. When we finished walking around the fair we grabbed some lunch and took the path up the other side of the river back towards the car. About .5 a mile from the car it started to thunder a bit and rain. By the time we got the bikes loaded on the rack and into the car it started to pour. Our timing could not have been better.


Biking The Arboretum June 22, 2008

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Every Saturday and Sunday night the Arboretum closes off the roads through it to car traffic and opens it up completely for the bikers. Since my mom was in town and has become quite the biker lately we decided to go check it out. The two of us, Carson and his friend John took a ride around the main loop which took about an hour.

There were a lot of hills and let me tell they don’t seem nearly as steep when you are riding in a car. I’ve barely ridden a bike at all the past few years but managed to do the whole ride. I had to walk the bike up a few of the steeper hills but I am proud of myself today. I really enjoyed the downhill portions of the ride, careening wildly out of control is always fun. The only lingering effect is there are parts of my body that hurt that I forgot I even had.


Let’s Get Physical May 21, 2008

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Wii Fit is the coolest thing ever.  I just finished my first Wii workout and it was so much fun.  It comes with a balance board that monitors your activity throughout the different exercises and mini games.  There is yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance games.  It calculates your BMI and tracks your progress over time.  I worked out for 26 minutes including a little jog through the animated countryside and I feel great.  I have horrible balance but have always wanted to try Yoga.  This allowed me to try today without humiliating myself in a real yoga class.  I am going to try and do this every day.  Wish me luck!

Riley is playing a hula hoop game on it right now.  I love that it has activities the whole family can enjoy while they are getting up and moving.

If you don’t know what Wii Fit is I found this trailer on YouTube that shows it pretty well.